My work , through all of it’s incarnations and explorations, has always been about light and a form of linear geometry; two seemingly incongruent, disparate perceptions.

As a young boy growing up in the spacious environs of Northern Indiana most of my time was spent outdoors playing and exploring in the woods and cornfields surrounding my house. The role that light and weather play in an agricultural place and the grid like geometry of the fields are two elements always present in my work.
I paint directly outdoors and the paintings are distilled visual experiences of specific places. This visual distillation involves the act of boiling down, the removal of the unnecessary and the finding of the essential.  I have converted a 12 foot box truck into a mobile studio which allows me to paint in any weather condition , time of day and also to work in a very large scale. My work is strongly influenced by all American landscape painting as well as Corot, Poussin and most importantly Cezanne.
 My paintings represent a synthesis of present and past experiences. These paintings are images of where I am in the world at a specific moment, both literally and metaphorically. I hope to capture my relationship to the world by exploring and giving form to the space between myself and objects. I am trying to paint what is not there. They are not paintings of ideas rather paintings of direct experience. They are more about the journey of looking rather than the complete end result of looking. Conscious rather than self-conscious. Open ended.